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ESI LANUAUGE CENTERS-ESI Language Centers (ESILC) in Bangkok, Thailand, is a key provider of English Language services and test preparation for those seeking advanced degrees or to improve their job skills and opportunities.
Our goal is to provide English Language education and training of the highest standard administered in a professional and reliable manner. ESILC aims to support students and teachers at every step of their educational plans. We are an English language school and also an approved ETS Certified Test Administration Site (TOEFL iBT Test Center) and KRYTERION Authorized Test Center. For more information, please contact us at .

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The ESI Approach to Education!

The primary English course ESI Language Centers offer is an Intensive multi-level English language program designed to prepare students for academic and professional advancement. In addition to our Intensive English course, we offer a variety of courses including English Grammar, Test Preparation courses, Conversation, Writing, Business English and English courses for special purposes. These courses are especially beneficial for students preparing for international or domestic academic programs as well as for business communities bridging the communication gap, so as to access better opportunities. All courses follow a syllabus which is primarily designed to develop the four skills of speaking, writing, reading and listening, and to increase awareness of how English works. The exact content of our courses is designed around the specific needs and wishes of the individual participant, but most English training courses include elements of vocabulary building, grammar, conversation and debating skills, reading and writing, idiomatic language and figures of speech The communication-based training focuses on speaking and listening skills to ensure effective verbal communication. This training method requires you to actively speak from the first lesson onward. Needs-oriented and carefully chosen training curriculum and practical exercises facilitates the effective and lasting improvement of language skills.



Satri Nakon Sawan English Department Satri NakonSawan School Thanks to ESI, we have been trained to engage students in all our activities. This training is a must for all TESOL teachers.

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